Roberto Musso is from Milan, but at the same time extremely cosmopolitan: his studies at the Sorbonne University and his intense research of the Japanese culture have inspired the style and elegance in his collections.

Roberto Musso has created an unusual market niche. It is one of those very rare cases of “quality craftsmanship” placed alongside the great names of the fashion system in the most cutting edge stores. He reached this position thanks to his originality and attention to detail that, together with his strong personality, allowed him to break away from institutional fashion and more alternative fashion.

Barney’s of New York asked him to collaborate with them as a style consultant for one of their private labels.
In New York he went through another turning point in terms of expression. He fell in love with hand-painted fabrics and discovered a new way of conceiving the fabrics. This is how the production of completely hand decorated clothes using a truly handcrafted procedure began, making each item unique and unrepeatable. This technique allows colours, shadings, designs and “imperfections” to be obtained that are not possible with traditional prints. The colours recapture the primary colours of ancient Japanese kimonos: yellow, blue, red and white are well defined, at times almost harsh; while the patterns are abstract and minimalist inspired by natural elements such as flowers and leaves.

Roberto Musso presents his women’s prêt-a-porter collection at the Milan Fashion Week.

Clothes and shoes full of personality caused the attention of the international press and of the most important buyers which led to the discovery of a new talent.